Written by Beppo.


I found the car standing in a yard one day. After a while I checked it out with the car registry, and got some papers faxed to me. The car was imported to sweden in 1987, that's about all I know, until it was traded in at a car firm in LuleƄ in 1996. The seller that did the trade-in bought it from the firm and it then got stuck in a garage, until a guy from Gothemburg picked it up and placed it in Nossebro. Then he had just fixed some minor stuff on it, it hasn't been in traffic since 1996, and has neither been state inspected since then. So... I met the owner by a coincidence and asked if he could sell the car, and he said OK. After a few days of consulting people on Irry and NordicAudi I came to the conclusion that it would be a rather OK buy, and also a solution to my Turbo-fiver need! So I asked my brother (ToCo) iw he wanted to be part-owner, and he was up to it, so suddelly he was fooled into the Irry-swamp, and we were URQ-owners.

So, now we are working to get the car a bit nicer, and fix some things so it will pass the state inspection. There isn't any big problems with it really. A new battery, soem tinkering on the parking brake, fixing the cooling problem, and it would be OK. We've fixed the leaks under the car by removing all the old oil, so that would solve the problem.

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